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We're putting wellness on the blockchain, so everyone can earn crypto helping others heal and grow.
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The Problem

Everybody's aware of how critical information is being suppressed, hidden and demonised by a corrupt mainstream media and their shadowy controllers. Humanity is under attack, we're being poisoned, manipulated and abused by a control system hell bent on destroying us.

It's critical that we have access to right information that will allow us to understand our enemy, heal ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally whilst finding ways to live a self-sustaining life – out with the increasingly dangerous matrix. 

The Solution

A searchable video platform with a blockchain tradable currency, focussed on a range of empowering topics from various sources and organises it in a way that users can choose exactly what kind of information they want to access and consume. No manipulated algorithms, filtered information or constant surveillance. For our contributors; Growora enables the ability to earn a liveable income from their content by selling products or services, accepting donations and sharing ad revenue. As long as it's legal, respectful and well intentioned – we welcome all teachers to the platform.

How It Works

For Content Consumers

Users earn tokens for time spent working on themselves and can use them to earn passive income by staking, to access premium content, video courses, book one-on-one consultations with holistic teachers, healers and coaches or they can also exchange your tokens for USD, Bitcoin and other leading crypto currencies – creating real fungible value from time spent healing.

For Creators

Creators earn Ora tokens by publishing content, articles, hosting one-on-one consultations, selling premium content and can use their earnings to earn passive income by staking, run advertising within the platform, or exchange tokens for USD, Bitcoin etc. Our creators get wealthy, giving their gift to the world and helping others expand their consciousness.

For Investors

Investors will be able to earn passive income by staking their tokens on the platform, or can exchange tokens for USD, Bitcoin on various different etc. Our investors get wealthy, supporting a project that helps others heal and expand their consciousness.

33,000,000 ORA

Total Supply (Fixed)
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21,000,000 ORA

Allocated To Users
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5,000,000 ORA

Allocated To Investors
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5,000,000 ORA

Allocated To Exchanges
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2,000,000 ORA

Owners, Marketing etc.
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Current Phase

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Sale Ends (Stage 1)

30 June 2021

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Storage Used

258.61 GB

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93.52 GB

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the fixed supply limit of 33,000,000?

Ah yes, the number 33. Some consider it a dark occultists number, conspiracy theories would have you believe its exclusively a freemasonic theme. Both are true, however, there is much more to number 33 than meets the eye. Essentially we...

Where can I download the whitepaper?

Thanks for your interest in investing in Growora. You can find the most up to date whitepaper on our dedicated investors page:

Is there a Telegram channel for Growora?

Yes, of course. We have our very own Telegram channel here: Look forward to seeing you there.

Where can I get news about Growora?

Thank you for asking! There's a few places we drop Growora news from time to time. Telegram ( Twitter ( Instagram ( Our Blog...

Which wallets are compatible with Ora?

Any wallet that supports the BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain protocol can hold Ora. For example, Metamask or Trust Wallet For instructions on setting up: How to set up Metamask to receive Ora? How to set up Trust Wallet to receive...

Which blockchain is the token on?

We chose to set up the Ora smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain. There were a couple of reasons we chose the Binance Smart Chain over the Ethereum network, primarily the faster transactions and low transaction fees. This is only a...

What's the difference between Growora & YouTube?

Whilst YouTube caters for mass consumption, we're focussed on conscious content creators only. It's our mission to elevate and empower humanity, we feel it's important to create non-toxic environment for us all to come learn and grow. Whilst...

What's the difference between YouTube & Bitchute?

Whilst Bitchute caters for alternative media primarily focussed on conspiritorial content, we're focussed on conscious content creators only. It's our mission to elevate and empower humanity, we feel it's important to create non-toxic environment...
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